Girls Day Out – Bridal Party

So I had the little dolls all done and ready to ask my girls to be in my bridal party. But unfortunately I couldn’t get everyone’s schedule to work out for all of us to meet at the same time. So I had to split up asking the girls at different times. Unfortunately, the SoCal girls couldn’t make it up.

I had planned a girls day out back in early May. I wanted to have a spot of tea. I had heard of this awesome, cutesy-wootsie place from Missy that had received good reviews and was fairly new.

It’s called Crown and Crumpet in Ghiradelli Square:

(Store Signage above the Entrance)

(Exterior shot looking inside)

(The front counter area)

If you’ve never been, you should try it sometime. It was soooo super cute and the staff their was very accommodating.

I had scoped it out about two weeks prior to our tea time there. I just loved how there was a hint of a Parisian theme around me at Crown and Crumpet.

On the most part, the girls thought we were going to just hang out. I think for two of them, they were a bit shocked when I asked them to be my bridesmaids. I also wanted to include Eric’s mom to enjoy some girls time as well.

Here are just a few fun pics from that day…

Me holding up the dolls in the background.

Missy proudly showing off her doll.

Ali in shock.

Ali showing off her doll and card.

Rita super excited about being my bridesmaid.

Mom holding up her doll.

(Little details at Crown and Crumpet)

What was cool about the experience was all the personal touches the place and staff offered. They even made a custom menu greeting especially for us which is included with the tea selection.

Me with Mom

Me with my Bridesmaid, Missy.

Me with my Bridesmaid, Rita.

Me with my Bridesmaid, Ali.

The Girls


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