Eric’s Boys Weekend!

A few of Eric’s boys including his best man and brother, Rich, planned a trip to Las Vegas (Sin City) a few months ago to celebrate his bachelor party Hangover-style.

Luckily his boys did not loose him on the rooftop of Cesar’s Palace nor were there kidnapped tigers from Mike Tyson’s estate, stolen police cars left in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, missing teeth or a baby Carlos found.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! But pictures are worth a thousand words.

Photos courtesy of Darryl Wong’s Facebook photos, since other photos have not yet surfaced “P.  Thanks Darryl.

Room Accomodations – Suites at Planet Hollywood

This is Eric pre-partying

Let the partying begin…

Speed Racer

Starting Lineup for the 2010 Indy 5000

On you mark…get set…GO!

Post Racing – Good times, Good Times!

Suite view of the Las Vegas Strip at night

Eric and His Boys

(Top Row: Darryl, Jayson, Noel, Eric (the Groom-to-Be), Kormann and Scott; Bottom Row: Rich and Pete)

Are you guys ready to let the dogs out? What? You know….who let the dogs out?


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