About Us

Geri was born in Los Angeles, CA at a very young age. She was raised by her mom, Cora, and dad, Greg, at their home in El Monte, CA along with her older sister, Joy, and younger brother, Noel.

Geri was a very imaginative little girl and loved to draw in her own little corner of the world. Her stuffed animals were her BFFs and sometimes her muses. She loved making things for people. She didn’t want anything in return, except for that hint of excitement and smiles on their face to show how much they appreciated it. The love for making things was something she learned from her mom. Her Mom would always make her birthday special and bring cupcakes for the entire class during her elementary years. It is one of the memories Geri treasures about her Mom – who had passed away in 1988.

Geri had such a passion for anything and everything artistic or crafty. In elementary school, she wanted to become a cinematographer and to go to USC film school as she had a love for photography. There was something beautiful about capturing moments through movement. It wasn’t until high school, that she seriously thought about what she wanted to be when she grew up.

During her Senior year and after many trips to the counselor’s office for advice on where to go to college, she finally decided she wanted to pursue another artistic dream – graphic design. It was sort of an unknown major at the time, but she felt it was right for her. The hardest part was saying yes to the college as it was not close to her family. She and her family, especially her siblings, were very close. So, as much as it was hard to leave her family, she felt that she needed to take this journey and venture off for college.

She began her freshman year of college at the University of San Francisco, CA in the Fall of 1995. Her dad, his girlfriend, Sandi, and brother all drove up from Southern California with her along with her stuff to help her move in. Her sister later followed to see her. That first night was the hardest. She had never been away from home that far away, nor without any family close by. As the weeks went by and fear and doubt would creep in, her dad would call her every night to assure her that she would be fine and that everything would work out.

Her dad was her driving force to always excel, to always strive to do her best, to always know her self-worth and to stick to her standards. He was a big believe that education always came first and that mentality that if you set your mind to anything…anything is possible. He was her very best friend and ultimate cheerleader and she loved him dearly. It was very hard on her when he passed just a few weeks shy of her college graduation date in late November of 1999.

But it was that leap of faith that changed her pathway and life. Moving away from home, fending for herself, getting a BFA from a university, along with the love and support from her family, especially her Dad, and friends had helped her become a strong, independent, creative, open-minded and loving person. It was through these life’s struggles and personal journey that has made her into the woman she is today.

Eric was born and raised in Oakland by his mom, Eva, and dad, Philip. He had an older brother, Rich.

Eric was a very shy boy.