Our Story

This is a long story. So brace yourselves.

Eric and I met at the University of San Francisco. I first met Eric in our first semester Freshman year through my first college roommate in the Fall of 1995. Unfortunately, she introduced me by my full name, “Geraldine”, in which a lot of people don’t know me by. Don’t worry, a lot of people assume Geri is my real name.

I guess it was hard for Eric to remember my name. He would do that “hey, how’s it going” routine when you don’t remember someone’s name. Mind you, this was during my “trying to be alternative/no-sense of style/no make-up phase.” (Eric what were you thinking? Ha…) I guess I had a signature look or something because he told me that he remembered me as the girl who always wore Docs (that is Doc Martins – hey they were fashionable back in the day :P)

It would’t be until our second semester freshman year that we would d get re-introduced by a mutual friend and this time it was different. I told him I went by “Geri”. Eric knew some of the girls on my floor at my all-girls only dorm. We were all going to catch a late dinner and walk down to Mel’s Diner on Geary Street. Mind you, there were 5 girls and he was the only boy. Ha. Eric was very shy and the other girls already knew him. As we were walking, all the other girls were chattering girl talk and for some reason, I stayed behind and just started talking to him. I am in no way usually a chatter box (that I leave to my sister-she’s a PRO? Haha. Luv ya sis!) He must have thought I was an odd-ball because I think I kept on asking him with so many questions about himself, his major, where he was from, etc. But he humored me by answering most of them.

When we got to Mel’s we were seated at a booth. It turned out that Eric and I ended up sitting on the outside seats directly across from each other. I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but we kept on gabbing the whole time and it felt like the two of us were in our own little world. I could tell that from that moment on, Eric intrigued me and I felt an instant connection with him.

I know this sounds very cliché-ish but sparks flew and it was love at first sight (ok…maybe second site). It was just different. You know that “butterflies in your stomach/weak in the knees/heart skips a beat” feeling when you are super excited about someone. I was starting to fall in love with this shy guy, who he was super sweet, had a quirky sense of humor and who was a total gentleman.

After that point, my heart would skip a beat every time I would run into him to say “hi”.

The day we were leaving for summer break we grabbed lunch. I didn’t have much of an appetite. He just made me nervous, but a good kind of nervous of being around him. We would see each other three more time before we parted.

It would be on the third and final time that really stood out to me. I was waiting for my super shuttle to take me to the airport to go home to SoCal. I felt disappointed that the two previous times I had seen him, I didn’t give him a hug goodbye. As fate would have it, on the third time I got that chance. He was driving past the gym where I was waiting for my super shuttle and saw me waiting. He made a U-turn to say goodbye to me one last time and I finally gave him a hug goodbye.

Summer break went by fast and we kept in touch with long distant phone calls here and there and then we were back to school.

When school started back up our sophomore year in the Fall of 1996, we started to hang out more –  went to the movies, went rollerblading, went to hear live music, etc.

Eric was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend, so the whole dating thing was new to us. We just played it by ear.

One night in October of 1996, Eric took us to our most favorite spot in the City, “Twin Peaks”. And as we were sitting in his car looking out at the most amazing view, he started telling me how much he liked me and if I would be his girlfriend. I hesitated to say yes right away and after 3 hours later of contemplating – I finally said yes.

And the rest, as they say is History…

Fast forward – 13+ years later. Here we are still together, very much in love, and just enjoying life’s adventures together.